Branding a Law Student

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Branding a Law Student

Legal SparksĀ 
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This book is a collection of premium resources to help law students and graduates thrive in the digital world. This book is brought to you by Legal Sparks, a marketplace for law students and graduates to get virtual internships, experience opportunities and help lawyers get more done at a low cost. The booklet is to prepare the upcoming generation of lawyers in using available technology to get their desired outcomes, especially employment opportunities.

  1. The beginning section of the book covers the effective of use of LinkedIn, and how can one leverage the tool to be recognised in the professional world of practice, and tips for self branding and promotion. 

  2. The book provides a list of some of the essential tools that a young professional can use to stay ahead and work effectively in school, and further to the professional world. 

  3. Thirdly, we provide a list of combined 50 CV and cover letters which can be essential to young legal professionals in creating an incredible impression to employers. 

  4. There is an ocean of educational content on the internet, however, the book has strategically curated a list of channels that young professionals can follow to increase their productivity and effectiveness in the new world order, by 10X. 

  5. Further, the book curates a highly effective easily available internship programs to help law students and graduates receive specialised training and receive invaluable experience to attach on their professional timeline and CV's. 

  6.  Lastly, the course provides a curated list of upskilling courses for skills that are becoming high demand in the practice of law, and in the development of ones professional career. 

Recommendation from experts, on the need for updated skillsets in the practice of law to further build a new generation of lawyers. 

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This book is a must get for law students and graduates in the forever changing world of practice. Learn how you can leverage the available tools to your benefit and be a high demand in the digital world of practice.

The effective use of LinkedIn to get the desired outcome
Free modern productivity technology tools
25 CV templates
25 Cover letter templates
10 Useful channels to follow
25 Easy to enroll modern law internships
25 High demand skills courses
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113 pages
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